Thursday, April 5, 2012

{Why We Blog} Week: Why YOU Blog Linkup!

We We Blog Week

It's your turn ladies.
All week, you've heard why I blog, why she blogs, why someone else blogs.
Now I want to know:

Why do you blog?

Link up with me today,
and share what made you start blogging,
why you stick with it,
what you love about it!
You can even share why you read blogs,
or your favorite blogs to read!
If you've already written a post about it - link up that post!
Then do me a solid,
and check out your fellow bloggers!
Go see why we all blog,
cause chances are - someone blogs for the very same reason as you do.
And you never know who might be your new bloggy bestie!
Please link back to Stress Case, or use the button above in your post!


E said...

Sorry, I think I linked mine twice but it wasn't showing up. I'll check again tomorrow to see if it worked.
Thanks for hosting it, I enjoyed writing my post.

Ashley Marie said...

I would LOVE to link up to this! I have so many posts planned in the next few days though :(

I did a VLOG link up a while back about why I blog, I was considering reposting it bc I just gained a bunch new followers. Is there a chance I could link that up when I repost it???

Is this totally confusing and ridiculous? If so, disregard it and just email me, tell me NOT to over think it, and do a fresh post 'cuz I'm a lazy bia bia. :)

Oh yeah... you over think stuff too! We have that in common :)

Mrs. S said...

I love this link up!! What a great idea, thanks for hosting!! New follower looking forward to keeping up with you!!

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