Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Music That Moves You

Is there a song that the moment you hear it, you are immediately in another moment in your past?  It's like the song transports you to prior moments in your life just by hearing the first few lines?
I totally do.

Drive Away
The All-American Rejects
Really their entire debut album, The All-American Rejects, brings me back to the summer before high school when I spent about six weeks in Delaware visiting Aunt Delaware and other family out there.  I distinctly remember being midly obsessed with this song, but really, the whole album had me hooked.  I had the CD, and a portable CD player that I had sitting next to me about 98% percent of the time I was lounging by the pool.  I am pretty sure this was the last summer of my life I actually got a tan, and it was probably only because I was simply content lying out and listening to this album all day.

Get Low
Lil Jon
If you are around my age, you remember this song at high school dances.  If you're much younger, you don't because they stopped encouraging dry humping on the dance floor (wow am I in for some interesting Google search results after that one).  This song completely transports me to prom sophomore year (yeah, I went to prom as a sophomore, what can I say - I was cool) surrounded by sweaty teens on the overly crowded dance floor pointing to opposite directions of the room.  "To the the wall!"

All The Above

This song was really popular during one of my Handsome Husband's college soccer seasons.  It was on their warm-up playlist that blasted through the stadium before games and played at every single house party we went (hosted is more accurate) to that season.  I hear it, and immediately remember the butterflies I was feeling at the beginning of this new life I was creating in San Diego with someone who would end up being my Husband just a few years later.  Not the most romantic song in the world (and by not the most, I mean not at all), but it makes me remember the giddy beginnings of my life with HH.

Ready To Run
Dixie Chicks
My 6th grade teacher had a really bizarre obsession with this song.  (As a sidenote: My 6th grade teacher was actually just a little bizarre in general.  She was a retired Circus Clown and we spent a good two weeks of our school year learning how to juggle and do clown makeup.)  For about half the school year, she would play this song at the beginning of class.  When I hear the first notes of the this song, I'm immediately back in 6th grade, awkward as all hell, and am already at the tender age of eleven one of the only ones in the room digging the country music (it's still the same at 24).

Sunday Morning
Maroon 5
Like the All-American Rejects album, this song is really just a representation of the entire album to me.  Maroon 5's album, Songs About Jane, pretty much nursed me through the first breakup I ever went through.  The summer after my sophomore year of high school, my first ever boyfriend and I broke up and this CD was the only thing that I listened to for the entirety of the season.  I listened to it driving to and from work, and can distinctly remember pulling into the mall parking structure (I was working at the Pottery Barn Kids at the mall at the time) with tears streaming down my face as this song played, still reeling in the fact that my first love didn't end up like a fairytale. 

What songs immediately transport you to a moment from your past?


Julie said...

Nickelback's "Photograph" always takes me to random memories.

Any Disney song reminds me of our honeymoon.

The get low song you posted reminds me of a time my husband was drunk after a wedding and decided to pole dance at the bar we went to afterwards.

I love music and it always takes me back to something!

Courtney M said...

It's so true how a song can bring you back to a moment! There's this rap/reggae song by Gyptian called Hold Ya. YOu can barely tell the words he's saying but the song brings back to the happiest moments with my boyfriend: Driving in the car with the top down, vacationing in Jamaica, tailgating at soccer games. It just warms my heart when I hear it. Totally not meant to be romantic but it is to me!

Blue Dog Belle said...

It really is crazy how a song can take your right back to a memory. Sunday Morning always reminds me of my summer abroad in spain when I was 16. We were on a hike through the Andorran mountains (and I DON'T HIKE)and we started singing that song.

Thanks for reminding me of such a fun summer :)

LWLH said...

They played Get Low at all of our dances too.

Cori H. said...

That All-American Rejects CD came out the summer before my senior year of high school. I was obsessed with that CD! It's amazing how a simple song can take you back to great (or not so great) times.

Sarah E. said...

I love AAR and Maroon 5 - Songs About Jane was my album in my junior year of HS along with Hoobastank's The Reason. Dixie Chicks rock too :)

E said...

Oh man, Get Low was THE song that got me dancing at the bars in college. That and: Usher's Yeah , and a number of other songs that I can't think of at the moment, but totally make me smile when I hear them, because I remember the crazy, fun, times we had dancing to them.

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