Wednesday, May 2, 2012

It's Really May Already?

Another two months have escaped me without recapping my shenanigans here on the ole blog.  So lucky Stress Case readers get a double monthly recap today!

In March...

We officially started house hunting, and even fell in love with a place right away, and had our first disappointment.

This beautiful couple celebrated their third wedding anniversary:
Cousin Ronomon and Tutor Girl
ps It looks like Tutor Girl might be making a reappearance in the blogosphere, go check it out!

Hat Dad had a birthday, and Sister Singer and I pulled together to create quite the birthday feast!

We celebrated my 24th birthday a few days early with a night out to our local dueling piano bar!

Ain't that the truth?

We had a triple date for St. Patrick's Day with our favorite twinners ever, Twins Unicorn and Beauty School and their fabulous boyfriends.

We were also very social at the pre-party we went to, as you can see.

Handsome Husband and I had a wonderful joint birthday brunch with his family, we even got gifted an iPad that I am now enamored with playing DrawSomething on (get at me - stresscasey).

We tried out the new revolving sushi bar in our town with my family for our birthdays, and now have a new favorite sushi restaurant!

The awesome Spring Sweets Swap went off wonderfully!  I can't wait to host another one.  What do y'all think of an I {Heart} America swap in honor of the 4th of July?!

 Spring Sweets Swap

I had a long overdue Happy Hour with my long-time friend, Ms. Art Teacher.

Handsome Husband turned the big 2-4, and I celebrated by sharing the Top 24 Things About Handsome Husband.

We went to Las Vegas was Cousin Ronomon and Tutor Girl and had a wonderful time checking out the strip, gambling, eating amazing food and getting our drink on!

We got together to celebrate Cousin Study Buddy's 30th birthday!

Most of HH's side of the family

I celebrated my one year Blog-a-versary, and celebrated with {Why We Blog} Week!

 Why We Blog Week

Handsome Husband spent a few days learning about the law school that he ended up chosing, Chapman University School of Law at Scholar's Weekend (so fancy).

While he was doing law school things, I was getting into some debauchery with Best Friend Swagger when I spent the weekend with her going to singing sushi bars, reality show casting calls, and her own housewarming party.

In April...

We celebrated adorable little Cousin Teeny Girl's 4th birthday with pizza and cake!

We had a fabulous Ladies' Wings Night Out with some of my all-time favorites: Twins Unicorn and Beauty School, Cute Apartment, and Ms. Smiles!

Handsome Husband, myself and Gardening Mom celebrated Passover with some of our wonderful family friends. 

We had an awesome night out starting with a double date with Twin Beauty School and her boyfriend, The Bouncer; and then throwing back a few cocktails and watching some very entertaining karaoke at our local dive bar.

I made some amazeballs Rainbow Cupcakes for Easter.  We celebrated the holiday by having brunch with HH's family, and then a home-cooked meal at Cute Apartment's cute apartment.

Handsome Husband and I headed out with my parents and sisters to Blythe, California - the little town where Hat Dad grew up.  We celebrated some big family milestones while there: a 50th wedding anniversary, an 80th birthday, and a 90th!  We also got a chance to see Best Cousin and spend some time with Best Cousin and Cousin Snapshot and company!
Grandma Beach Bum hosted a lovely wine tasting birthday party for HH's Grandpa Backgammon.
Handsome Husband golfed in his family's Annual Golf Tournament this year, while I did my usual and took photos of the foursomes!

This little princess turned another year older:

Best Friend Swagger and I

Some girlfriends and I went line dancing at a brand new fabulous venue in our area! 

We got to see some of our very best friends when we went to two soccer games that HH's alma mater played in.

Twin Unicorn, Grandma Beach Bum and myself walked our booties off for babies in our local March for Babies walk!

Twin Unicorn and I hanging out with CHOCO bear!

Here's hoping May brings just as many good times as the past two months have!


Wedding Centerpieces said...

Time really flies so fast... Happy Month of May!

Neely said...

YES to that swap idea!

Meg O. said...

So much to comment on!!

You are pretty.
Love those cupcakes.
I want a boobie cake.

Reannah @ {Shaped by Grace} said...

Looks like so much fun!! I'm a new follower from the blog hop! Just stopping by to say hi! :) Happy belated birthday! :) xo, Reannah @Shaped by Grace

Megg Joosten said...

That card is hilarious!!
And we have a revolving sushi place called Sushi Land (really, is that not the best name ever?) and I love it SO MUCH. We go there every year for my birthday (and more often, if I can drag my not-a-huge-fan-of-sushi husband there!)

Shellsea said...

super long post! I don't like that picture of me, but I love that it's from your wedding. :) Choco bear and you look so cute!

Dani said...

Such a busy, exciting life you lead, miss! That picture of you with the cake is gorgeous! And the revolving sushi bar you mentioned, is it the one in Laguna Mall? I went there with my mom but the wait was forever and I was too hungry to wait, so we ended up leaving, I was curious if it was good! Anytime you mention Blythe, I always get flashbacks of the sizzler there and of course, of Pharaoh's kingdom!

Jeremy and Megan said...

I can NOT believe it is May either!!! What a great recap and pictures!! :)

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