Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A Wedding and a Prom All in One Day?

That is the name of one of my many Facebook photo albums.

Because three years ago today, my Handsome Husband and I (when he was just my Smart Ass Redheaded Fiance) attended a wedding and a prom in one long day!

The wedding was this beautiful couple's big day:

Aunt and Uncle Reno!

And what the hell were we doing at Prom when we were 21-years-old, you ask?
Oh, well that was the theme of our party of the month - we threw quite a few parties when I lived in basically a frat house.

And this weekend?
Sisters Singer and Swimmer go to their senior prom!
(While I try to come to the realization that they are even old enough to be seniors in high school.)

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Meghan said...

This sounds like the You can't beat dancing!

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