Thursday, May 17, 2012

Things Thursday: Things That Need to Come Sooner!

1. Memorial Day weekend in Palm Springs with some of my very favorite people: Handsome Husband, Twins Unicorn and Beauty School, The Bouncer and Best Friend Swagger.  Sun, booze, and good times cannot come quick enough.

2. My little sisters' big high school graduation.  I cannot even believe that Sister Singer and Sister Swimmer on their way to college!  That is huge to me! 

3. A weekend in Arizona with my family.  Celebrating the graduation of the youngest members of our little clan, Father's Day with Hat Daddy, and an awesome RIVERBASH with Best Cousin and company!

4. Some news on our Hunt to Homeownership...we have been waiting forever.

5. A super amazing fun trip we have planned for HH, myself and Sisters Singer and Swimmer in celebration of their graduation and 18th birthdays!  I haven't mentioned it yet here on the blog, but more details to come!

6. A day at the fair - Twin Unicorn and I are practically counting down the days!

7. Lil C's 2nd birthday - can't believe my little buddy is almost two already!

8. Finding out what Handsome Husband's class schedule will look like, buying crazy huge textbooks, and just generally getting started with the three-four year long adventure of Law School we are about to get going on!

9. Helping my sisters pick out fun stuff for their new dorm rooms, and watching them go off on their next big adventure.

10. The smell of jasmine, sunscreen, and chlorine - it's Summer!


tara said...

I need memorial day to hurry up because I desperately need a day off work! And I want my birthday to hurry up because I need some presents! I'm not ready to be 26 though.

Kara said...

I'll definitely have to agree that #3 needs to get here fast! Can't wait!

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