Monday, May 14, 2012

The OC Tastefest, or The Time we Spent Way Too Much Money on Way Too Little Food

Last week my Handsome Husband, Best Friend Cute Apartment and her new boyfrand and myself went on a little dub-date.  I saw an event called The OC Tastefest, and anyone who knows me knows that if it has OC in it, I'm interested.  So off we went, expecting to have a fun day out at a reasonable price, being that the entire premise was small samples of food from local restaurants.

Well, it was fun.

But a frugal day out it was not.

I'm not going to get into specifics, cause you know, a lady doesn't talk cash money details, but lets just say we spent a lot more dough than we had anticipated.
We're talking $12 beers here.

But the great parts of the day?

We got to try some awesome food from some amazing restaurants.

Got to spend some time getting to know CA's new man, and the Hubs and him had some intense conversations about the stock market.

Got some sun on these paper-white shoulders.

Any day with Cute Apartment is a fun one, obviously.

And we may or may not have gotten too drunk to drive to Sister Singer's musical.
(We also may or may not have convinced Sister Swimmer's BF YOLO to come pick us up so we continue the margarita fest.)

1 comment:

Kate said...

Expensive it was, but fun enough to be worth the massive hangover the next day!

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