Wednesday, May 23, 2012

On Gay Marriage, and Other Touchy Subjects

To be honest, there's really not going to be too many touchy subjects in this here blog post, but I liked the way that title sounded.

Moving right along...
Gay Marriage.
Honestly, I don't even like calling it gay marriage, because it's just...marriage in my mind.
Marriage is a verb,
something you do every second of every day.

It's putting someone ahead of yourself, not only because you promised to,
but because you want to.

It's supporting another person,
even when they don't deserve or ask for it.

It's loving someone,
at their best and their worst times.

It's being a family, a union, a partnership.
None of that has to do with the gender or sex of either person involved.
None of it.
I have never understood why anyone objects to gay marriage.
At the end of the day, I just don't understand why people are so offended by something that doesn't affect their daily lives.

In my never very humble opinion,
if you're not hurting anyone, who gives a shit?

I'm not going to get into a debate over the Bible on this little blog, nor am I going to say that people who don't believe in the legalization of gay marriage are wrong necessarily, I just don't get it.
As I'm sure you've heard, recently President Obama announced his support of gay marriage.
but this is something I can appreciate, and support.
And no, the timing of this announcement with the impending election is not lost on me. 

And to lighten the mood of this ultra serious blog post, I present to you, some funny stuff from Pinterest:
Source: via Kristen on Pinterest

Source: via Germaine on Pinterest

I have to be honest and say that I was hesitant to blog about such a politcal topic, but it was on my mind, and the end of the day, this is my blog, a place created for sharing my thoughts.


Micah said...

I share your opinion. 100 percent. My theory is -- if you don't like gay marriage, don't have one. I don't understand why people are so up in arms. Giving rights to others doesn't take away theirs. It's just a little ridiculous. Plus, as is pointed out in one of your fun pinterest finds, straight people have not exactly figured out how to make marriage work.

Jami @ Somewhat Domesticated said...

I love when people 'get real' blogging. If it's something you care this much about, talk about it. Well said!

Ashley V. said...

All I will say is that I completely agree with you :) Every bit. Love ya and hope you're having a great week!

Blue Dog Belle said...

I totally agree with you. I love when people talk about this kind of stuff in the blogosphere, you have to talk about what's important to you :)

Courtney M said...

I completely 110% agree with you!

Thanks for posting about this topic. It needs to be talked about more if we expect a change.

Jenna said...

I love this post! I absolutely agree with you. IMHO, Marriage is a sanctity between two people, regardless of their gender. I also don't understand what all the fuss is about. Who cares?!

I also fail to see how same sex marriages effect society. It just makes no sense to me. Same sex marriage isn't going to "ruin" marriage, the only thing that "ruins" marriage is those who don't take it seriously and who are in it for the wrong reasons. As of now, that would be the hetero couples.

I say let them marry. They should be allowed that right.

*steps off soap box"

Sorry for the mini rant. :)

Monica said...

OMG this was totally on my mind yesterday I have been meaning to blog about it. I 100% agree, there is no reason not to allow same-sex marriages and if a person doesnt like it doesnt matter since they are not the ones being married to someone of the same gender.

Sharisse Lopez said...

Oh god, the chart! LMAO

Erin O'Riordan said...

Yes. This. So much this.

Casey said...

That pie chart is so funny! In (hopefully the very near) future, we will look at gay marriage like biracial marriage, and think "well, duh it's no big deal." My hubby is hispanic and I am VERY white, and I couldn't imagine someone telling us we couldn't be married.

Noe said...

I wish the whole world get to that last pin, no wait, this entire post. The world needs to stop being so hypocritical. Who do we think we are to be judging anyone?
First time reader, loved your post.

Kara said...


bailey j said...

you have gained a follower from this post alone. amazing post, one of the best iv read in weeks! i feel the exact same and these pins are awesome - and i giggled a few times too. xx


Shellsea said...

Love the last pin. Love the post.

Eve said...

First time I've commented, but BRAVA, and HELL YES, and DEFINITELY AWESOME! My hubs and I are moving to SoCal in the next few months, and I plan to become a loud-mouthed supporter for this very cause in this next election. Thank you (or should I say, GAY thank you...oh wait....;-) )

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