Thursday, May 3, 2012

Things Thursday: Things I Miss About Living With Our San Diego Roomates

I've mentioned it here or there on the old blog a few times, but once upon a time my sweet Handsome Hubs and I (before we were married, that is) lived with roomates.  And we didn't just live with one, oh no - there was a time where we lived with four other male roomates.  Yup, I lived with five boys for a few months.  And there were some times that were not so fun, but to be fair there are times like that with any roomate as far as I'm concerned.  Living with people can just be hard.  But?  There were some super fun times...some times I would never ever take back because they are some of my most favorite memories to look back on.

So today?  Things I miss about living with those crazy guys.

1. Watching five grown men sit shirtless in a row playing video games.  I have photo evidence, but I'm pretty sure they'd kill me for sharing.

2. Being the only female in a house that threw parties at least once a month - full control of party decor what what.

3. Playing Peggle for the first time, and having that be just about the only thing we did when we were home for a good couple weeks.

4. Collaborative dinners.  So much fun - we would each contribute something to the dinner for everyone, and end up with such an ecclectic plate!

5. Roomate Guitar Star randomly walking up to you with a guitar singing sweet 90s tunes.

6. Always having someone you could hang out with if you were bored.

7. Watching Roomates Med School and Guitar Star take shots of my coffee creamer one night, just out of sheer boredom.

8. Sneaking into the movie theater across the street, but being too afraid to do it all the time.

9. Spending an entire evening filming the boys slide around on our wood floors in their socks.

10. Having memories like this that will stay with us no matter what - chances of us living together are slim (like super duper slim) but we can always look back on the memories and smile.

Almost our entire little dysfunctional family, minus Roomate Guitar Star at a Mardi Gras Party 2009.
Sadly I couldn't find one picture of us all.
I did however, manage to find a photo of all the boys - but they are in Halloween costumes that they may or may not want showcased here on this little blog.


Neely said...

So you lived in a frat house? I kid

Life,Twins,DramaQueen said...

New follower from the blog hop please come follow me back :)

Kara said...

What the heck is peggle?

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