Thursday, May 31, 2012

Things Thursday: Things I Did Over Memorial Day Weekend

1. Took a half day Friday, and headed out to Palm Springs with Twins Unicorn and Beauty School.

2. Loved girl talk in the car ride from OC to PS (we love acronyms here).

3. Played some good ol' fashion drinking game classics: F The Dealer (not what we call it in my sailor-mouthed group of friends), Chum Bucket, and the all-time favorite Beer Pong.  I think I might need a post dedicated to drinking games...but will people think I am 21 and/or a lush?!

4. Felt all too old when we were ready for bed on Friday night before 11:30...what happened to staying up and watching the sun rise? 

5. Ate some fantastic pancakes courtesy of Handsome Husband, and felt grateful for a man who not only does laundry but also cooks breakfasts!

6. Realized I still suck at making pancakes.

7. Spent the day by the pool: sunning, laughing, splashing, and drinking with some of my most favorite people...and some strangers who joined us.

8. Took a little cat-nap while Best Friend Swagger posed for photos standing precariously above my head.

9. Went to the diviest little bar you ever did see, played some shuffleboard, got my groove on, and filled up on cheap bottled Bud Light.

10. Loved spending time with my friends, and my sweet Handsome Husband!

Photos to come, promise!

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