Thursday, May 16, 2013

A Mother's Day Brunch

Last weekend, for Mother's Day, we hosted my parents, my sisters, Mother-in-Law Red and her beau, Mr. Bear for brunch.  I have so loved owning our home for many reasons, but by far my number one reason?  I love to entertain. 

I spent quite some time deciding on the perfect spread - balancing the necessities of sweet and savory breakfast items to please all those in attendance, and I did pretty well, if I do say so myself!

This, to me, is the perfect brunch spread:

Chocolate Chip Pancake Muffins
Bacon - soft and crispy!
Smoked Salmon
Strawberries and Bananas with Nutella
Cheesey Egg Bake
A Mimosa Bar (duh!)
And obviously, no Mother's Day is complete without some gifts.
My gifts for Mother-in-Law Red were lovingly bought at a craft fair (the adorable sign) and the phone case is from Etsy.
For Gardening Momma, I got a little crafty and my Pinspiration was from none other than the Saw it-Pinned it-Did it Queen herself, Steph
My Pinspiration:
My Creation:
I went with a big of a fluffier succulent arrangement, and a different type of wooden letter, and skipped the bow for Gardening Mom's wreath, but I loved Steph's so much I just couldn't stray too much for her adorable wreath.
I wasn't the only one who got crafty for Mother's Day this year, Sisters Swimmer and Singer worked with Hat Dad to create the coolest succulent planter for GM also!
So cool, right?!
Sisters showing off their handiwork.


Anonymous said...

Love the wreath! and that planter is adorable!

Kristine said...

Of course a mimosa bar had to be implemented... What kind of brunch would it be without one?! Haha.

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