Friday, May 3, 2013

Dear Hobby Lobby,

Thank you for being closed on Sundays.

Thank you for making sure I don't spend unnecessary money on your adorable home decor, trinkets, and your extensive selection of craft supplies.  Because you see, when you work all week, and have obligations with friends and family most Saturdays, Sundays are the days I feel extra crafty.  And when you're closed on Sundays, you know what I don't do?  Go on Monday.  I just don't go at all.  So, uuber thanks from my wallet!

I sort of get where you're coming from with the whole day of rest thing, but then again - I don't.  Because while you've got one partner in crime (coughCHICKFILAcough), there are many businesses who consider themselves rooted in faith, who are, in fact, open on Sundays.  I can think of one fast food chain who even prints Bible verses on their cups who stays open on Sunday - In N Out ring a bell?  (Also PS, I have a post coming on In N Out's amazing customer service, so double win for them!)

I'm totally not the only person who should be sending you a thank you note, you know who else should?  The CEO and stakeholders at Michaels.  Because some Sundays I can't just say no to crafting, some Sundays I am desperate for some hot glue, glitter or rhinestones (the main components in my crafting), and you know where I head to?  Michaels.  Because they're open

Wtih Great Thanks from my Wallet and Michaels,
Stress Casey


Unknown said...

I disagree. They want to give their employees a chance to attend church services.

Ashley said...

I hate that it is closed on Sundays! Can't they open up after church???

Erica @Always a Sooner Girl said...

That is great that they do that for their employees. I do not like that Chickfila does it.I do not know how many times, I have wanted a chicken minis meal and it's Sunday. We don't have an In and Out here, or at least what I know of. I never know that they had that on their cups.


Shellsea said...

I don't like Chick Fila but Cameron does and wants it lots of Sundays- it just makes him crave it more for next time! I like when stores close whether it be Sundays or holidays I think it's cool for their employees (not necessarily for church as some might want Saturday etc). But a retail place normally open seven days a week must be nice to know you always have one day you won't be scheduled. Anywho, I just head off to Wal-Mart for always open and super low prices but *not good to their employees*. Shame on me for shopping there! But a girl has to take care of herself too!
PS Never been to Hobby Lobby maybe I should try the one off Alicia

Kate said...

I discovered they were closed a couple months ago and was in shock and horror. Didn't' they know I had to make homemade teacup candles THAT day?! While I think stores should be closed on holidays and I can appreciate being closed for their employees, you and I know darn well the 17 year old kids that work there are NOT in fact going to church. Why don't they close on a Monday instead? Again, good for kids. They have a day off and can do what they want with it. But when I have a day off (usually Sundays) and I want to craft I go to Michaels instead. C'mon Hobby Lobby This is the 21st century and we're in America!

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