Monday, May 13, 2013

Would You Quit?

You just won a million dollars.
Would you quit your job?

I tend to think the obvious, easiest and most popular answer to the above question would be a resounding yes!  But, to me, this isn't all that much of a no-brainer.
First things first, a million dollars is a lot of money - but it's not a billion dollars.  I mean, a million won't even buy me a mansion in my neck of the woods.  So while it would be nice to quit the old job and roll around in money all day, I've got bigger goals than a million will buy me. 
Secondly, I work for money and for satisfaction.  I don't work for just the paycheck, but the feeling I get from working, and working in healthcare.  I wouldn't want to give that up for just about anything. 
So, what would I do?  I think I would probably, in fact, quit (Sorry, employer!  The good news I don't see myself winning a hot million anytime soon) my job, but simply to send myself back to school instead.  And I wouldn't stop going to school until I was done.  Not done with my RN, not done with my Masters,  but done with every bit of education I could cram into my brain because a million dollars might just give me the luxury to do so.
Oh, and I'd go on a badass vacation.
What would you do?


Hilary said...

I wouldn't quit my job because I would be BORED, but I think I would stress out about my job a lot less. As of now, I stress about feeling like I have to make ALL of my clients happy ALL of the time. If I had $1mil in my back pocket, I'd be much more carefree at work!

Betty said...

I wouldn't quit a job, but I would set myself up to live much freer. Pay off our remaining debt, buy a house, buy each of us a new car and put anything remaining in savings. Life would be much easier not having to worry about those things! But, I would keep working because let's face it, a million dollars isn't what it used to be!

Whitney said...

I definitely would quit (I work from home, but if I had a "real" job, I would). I don't have to have lots of material possessions or a mansion to be happy. I would pay off debt and buy a new car and travel.

I know people say that would get bored at home... not me!

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