Friday, May 17, 2013

The Nail Files

So happy to be linking up with Tara and Vicki again after a little nail break!  I am loving the colors I'm rocking this week, and couldn't wait to share with y'all!

Sally Hansen Hard as Nails in 320: Love Rocks
Wet 'n' Wild Crystalic in 477A: Psycho

I love the color of this pink Sally Hansen shade, but goodness it was hard to paint my nails with!  Very goopy and sticky, however to be fair, I am pretty sure both of these polishes are ancient, so it could have to do with beind old and not the formula in general.  The Wet n Wild sparkles are amazeballs, and I can't believe I didn't find this bottle earlier!  I anticipate this bottle coming out a lot this summer! 


tara said...

such a pretty pink! :)

Holly said...

I love this color combo... That sparkle is gorgeous! Sorry I'm so late making my rounds from the Nail files. Thanks for taking time to stop by my Blog.

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