Monday, May 6, 2013

The Best Customer Service

I am a stickler about Customer Service.  It comes from working 2 years in the Retail industry and another 3 in the Food Service.  You're taught that the customer is always right, even when you know they're wrong.  And most importantly?  Respect.  So when I don't get that from business establishments where I am the customer, I don't take kindly to it.  And let's just say I've given my fair share of complaints to managers, supervisors, and Customer Service phone lines.

But, I also give credit where it's due!  And today?  There is a certain fast food chain that deserves some kudos from this girl.

A month or so ago, Handome Hubs picked up some In N Out on his way home from class, and I was giddy at the thought of their super yummy cheeseburgers and animal fries (don't judge).
HH got home with the grub and we had a super fancy family dinner on the couch watching something from the DVR.  Being the compartment eater (shoutout the Cousin Study Buddy for that term!) that I am, I scarfed my burger before moving onto the fries.  The burger was great, but that is where the excellence ended during this meal.
The fries were the worst fries I have ever had in my entire life.  They were like potato chips they were so crunchy.  Anyone who knows me knows I hate crunchy food, so I thought maybe I was being oversensitive but even my garbage disposal husband was disgusted.
I was pissed.  I mean, In N Out is not cheap, and I had been so excited about it!  My aggravation lead me to call the number on the bag and bitch it out let them know my concerns.
And that is where the bad experience ended, and In N Out gave some pretty ballin' customer service.  First of all, they wanted all sorts of detailed information, and let me know they were going to call the store as soon as we hung up to make sure they remedied the sitch ASAP.  Awesome already.
The best part?  To make up for the nasty fries we ended up with, they mailed me not only two coupons for two more orders of animal fries, but two more coupons for full meals!  This was way above and beyond what I could have expected, and it truly seemed like they were just sincerely sorry for their error and wanted to make it up to me.  I have never felt so valued as a customer.
I was so surprised and impressed when the vouchers they told me they were mailing out showed up at my house two days later. 
It's official: In N Out has the best customer service!
Have you ever received over the top amazing Customer Service before?  I wanna hear your story!


Hilary said...

I wish we had one here! I hear a lot of good things about them. Sonic has great customer service, too. (Here's where I'm going to sound dumb: I'm not sure if Sonic is only regional or national, so I'm not sure if you have them on the west coast.)

Betsy said...

That's a good idea to actually call. I had a bad experience with Panera and I wrote a nice detailed email but haven't heard. It would be nice to at least have someone let me know they got it!

Casey said...

Lululemon has really good service too. They had promised everyone in a half I ran a free pair of shorts in our goody bag. We got a note that said they were trying to figure out the details of it. A couple months later we got an email that said they hadn't really figured out how to get us shorts that fit, so they sent everyone a $60 gift card. I had already completely forgotten about those shorts when I got that email/gift card in the mail.

Cyndy Newsome said...

LOVE it! Love that you complained, love that they handled it well, and love that you blogged about it. So many people would have done nothing, or just posted about the bad experience, without giving the company a chance to remedy the situation.

Ruby said...

This is such a breath of fresh air! Nowadays, rants about customer service are more far-flung, you know. In N Out Burger undoubtedly redeemed itself with how they handled the situation. It is a given for any food place to replace defective products, but to give additional coupons counts towards the organization's principle. -->Ruby

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