Friday, May 17, 2013

Man Jewelry: A Qalo Ring Review by HH

Hello, again, Stress Case readers, Handsome Husband here!

My friend started a company called QALO (pronounced “Kay-low”) not too long ago and the idea behind it is pretty great. The company sells wedding bands for people with an active lifestyle. The wedding bands they sell are made of a thick silicon material that makes it soft, flexible, and very comfortable to wear. They come in three different colors (so far!) including black, slate grey, and cobalt blue (my favorite). I also like the slate grey color because it is quite similar in color to my actual wedding band.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not suggesting that this silicon wedding band has completely replaced my tungsten wedding band that Casey put on my finger on our wedding day (she’d kill me if that were that case). The QALO ring is, however, perfect for a lot of activities that I personally would typically not wear my wedding band while doing. My wife and friends can tell you all firsthand that I do not wear my wedding ring into the gym when I would work out, which used to be almost everyday (I need to get back to that routine but I digress). The reason for this is that tungsten cannot be polished so I don’t want to scratch my wedding band from the metal on metal contact with the weights. Also, I tend to take it off when I go for long runs, take showers, and even when I sleep. Now, I wear the QALO ring when I do all these things because it is ultra light weight and very comfortable; so comfortable I seriously forget I’m wearing it sometimes.

Plus, how many of you women reading this would prefer that your hubby is wearing at least some sort of ring on his finger when he’s doing activities where he might normally take his ring off? This would include any sports, any activities like swimming or surfing, or anything else predominantly involving the use of your hands and the potential for damage to your hubs’ wedding band. Some of you might say that your husband never takes his ring off under any circumstances, and that’s great! More power to him! But, if he happens to have a tungsten ring that cannot be cleaned or polished, does it still look like it did when it was brand new? Or, if he has a very expensive ring, it would suck to lose it while swimming or something like that. With the QALO ring, you can take the wedding band off sometimes and keep it safe and in great condition while still having a band on that ring finger.

My cousin just told me a story a few weeks ago about how he broke his tungsten ring at work recently. He was reaching for a box on shelf up high in the warehouse and his ring got caught on the edge, came off his finger, and fell to the ground breaking in two upon impact. If he were wearing a QALO ring, that would not have happened and he’d still have his original wedding band that he got from his wife on his wedding day (of course, his tungsten band was looking a bit dirty after having worked out with it on and not a QALO ring. To his defense, they weren’t around yet then).

Additionally, for you ladies who are thinking “hey this sounds great and all but my husband doesn’t need it as much as I need it so I can keep this big rock safe,” worry no more! They just released a line of women’s bands. The pros of you beautiful ladies wearing a QALO ring instead of your huge engagement and/or wedding rings during some activities are obvious. No one wants to lose a diamond. Ever.

Finally, these rings are only $20 each and the company donates 10% of its annual profits to Lupus research. Who doesn’t love a company that provides a great product and gives back?

Anyways, enough of my raving about these guys. To learn more about QALO rings and about who the company is, check out their website at, and you can check out their Facebook page for updates HERE.

I want to thank my old buddy over at QALO for providing me with this awesome ring (he actually went above and beyond and gave me all the colors!), and introducing me to his very cool new venture.

HH was given this Qalo wedding ring from QALO for review.  All words and opinions are his alone.


Kate said...

Sweet work out pic bro.

Kate said...

Sweet work out pic bro.

Hilary said...

I wish I had known about these before I let my husband convince me he needed TWO tungsten wedding bands - one black one for work and one grey one for nice occasions. And he still takes the thing off when he sleeps or goes to the beach. These are a great idea, though.

Ali raza said...

great work man you are doing great work keep it up

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Daniel Tyler said...

Nice collection, but I am looking for some diamond jewelry for men

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