Thursday, May 23, 2013

Little Siblings

This Sunday, Handsome Husband and I have the extreme pleasure of watching his little brother walk across the stage and graduate college!  This is such a big deal, and I think in this day and age where college-educated is the norm, it doesn't get celebrated nearly as much as it should!

College graduations aside, something else that doesn't get celebrated enough are little siblings in general.  Granted, Brother AG is a half-sibling blah blah, but siblings are siblings and they are little obnoxious gifts from God! 

I've never had an older sibling, but I personally think being one is an honor.  It's nice to go through things first, one because obviously that makes you cooler in your siblings' eyes, but also because it helps you to appreciate what those a few years behind you are going through.  I can appreciate the love Sister Swimmer has for her boyfriend because I remember exactly what it felt like to be in love at eighteen-years-old.  I know how empassioned Sister Swimmer is about her many political causes, because I was that girl fresh outta high school who wanted to change the world.  And HH knows what a big deal it is for Brother AG to be getting his diploma from college this weekend, because he just did himself a few years back.

Despite what this collage seems to imply, Sister Singer has, in fact, graduated before (High School, what up!).  I just really love our Amigos picture!

Brother AG,
We are so very proud of you, and so happy to be attending your graduation this weekend.  We can't wait to see what the next step of your adventure is!

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Julie said...

I'm an older sibling to 2 (then the 2nd oldest when you add my stepfamily) and I would agree its an honor to be the oldest but at the same time its a hard job to set that example. I just hope they see that I have tried. Congrats to your bro :)

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