Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Summer Summer Summer Time

In May...
Gardening Mom took me as her date (I'm a lucky girl!) to a fabulous Kentucky Derby Party at one of her coworker's beautiful Corona Del Mar home.

Handsome Husband officially finished his first year of law school!  We were both overjoyed and ready for a summer break!  We celebrated the end of the year with his fellow classmates at a White Trash Bash where camo, wifebeaters (the tank tops, not the people), and cut-offs were everywhere.

With the end of his school year, came the beginning of his softball season!  That's right, HH is back on the field with some former coworkers hitting home runs out of the park this summer!

To celebrate Mother's Day, we hosted our families at our home for a lovely brunch and gift exchange.

HH started his summer intership, which has already proved to be challenging, exciting and a learning experience!

We got together for some Taco Tuesday (of course I had to be different and get a sandwich) fun with some friends - a few members of the good old Taco Tuesday Club.

My dear Best Cousin made the big move from Oregon to So Cal, and we headed over to my parents' house (where she'll be staying while she builds a little life here for herself!) to greet here and have some yummy grub with the family.

Almost a year ago at the river for Father's Day Weekend in 2012.

We had a very long overdue (like seriously, it was originally planned in March) double date in at Best Friend Cute Apartment and her boyfriend, Number Cruncher's house.  She made a fantastic spread of grilled salmon, asparagus, brocolli, mashed potatoes and more!

HH and I had a romantic and super fun (not to mention, healthy!) date night at home on our own the following weekend, sponsored by Fresh and Easy! 

We got to watch Brother AG graduate college, and spent the day celebrating with him and my Father-in-Law and HH's younger half-sisters!

On Memorial Day, HH headed to Temecula to spend some time with Brother AG and company, while I spent the evening at a BBQ at Hat Dad and Gardening Momma's house.

Both Sister Swimmer and Singer finished up their very first year of college - I can't believe it's already been a year since we watched them graduate high school!

What's coming in June? Sisters and Gardening Mom will all celebrate a birthday, I'm hoping we're heading to Arizona for Father's Day Weekend again, and I better get to spend some time lounging at the pool this summer!  

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