Monday, May 27, 2013

Instagram Love

I think my current favorite social media app is staying loyally at Instagram for the time being.  I don't post a ton, but I think it's such a fun and easy way to keep up with my favorite friends, family and bloggers!

I recently (yep, I'm behind the times) stumbled upon Statigram, and spent way too much time sucked in to my Instagram stats! 


Apparently y'all really liked HH and I heading out in NYC to celebrate our two-year anniversary a few years back, a #ThrowbackThursday to our wedding day, painting our master bedroom, a holiday wish to you and yours, and my Honey Boo Boo Halloween costume!

Lo-fi is where it's at.

Everyone (I consider 13 people everyone) wanted to know how I got my phone so dang cute!

Apprently these are my favorite Instagramers - seems about right!
What is your favorite social media app?

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