Friday, August 12, 2011

Blog Swap! A Day in the Life of a Young Mama

Today is a fun day in blog land, because I am participating in my very first blog swap ever!  Nicole invited me to swap with her, and I couldn't say no to this sweet, fun, young mama (also an MVHS alumni - go Diablos!). 

Enjoy reading about a day in her life, and come check a day in my life right over HERE!


Hey there, all! My name is Nicole, and I blog over HERE, so come on by and say hello to us Cisneros’s! I’m a mama to a precious nineteen-month-old munchkin, and have another on the way {finally, the nausea has passed. Thanks for asking!}. Besides my mama duties and wifely charm, I work as a fitness instructor two days per week at a wonderfully kick-ass place called Purebarre…y’all should check it out sometime, just a suggestion.

Anyway, that’s where I’m going to start with my “Day in the Life” post, in the bright early morning, sometime around 6:30am…..

I peal myself out of bed Wednesday mornings, groggy as all groggy, but I tell myself, “Hey, Nicole, this isn’t so bad. It’s only one day per week, so buck up.” It doesn’t help much, but hey? What can I say? The mornings and I don’t like each other.
{Work: 7:15 – 10:30}

Now, usually Chad is home on Wednesday’s, but this particular Wednesday he had to ski-daddle into work, so it was just me and the little man.
{Usually it’s just Carter and I until around 6:30 every night,  when I breathe a massive sigh of relief when that glorious man walks through the door}

Now it’s time for the grocery store, or should I say where mother’s-of-toddlers-go-to-die.
Yeah, the store and I don’t like each other either since Carter turned 18-months-old. As in, we actually hate each other. Let’s just say that each.and.every.time we’ve taken the plunge the last few weeks, I would have rather set my hair on fire than meander through the produce for one more second. This week, Carter decided that he has a new favorite place to hang out.
{Store outing: 11:00 - 12:00}
Aww…But doesn’t he look so cute?

Next stop after the insanity that is the store, McDonald’s for my McCafe! I don’t think anything else on this earth defines me as much as a small Caramel Frappe from Mickey D’s does….Well, except of course wife-hood…oh, and maybe mother-hood… and my faith…..Okay, I guess that was a bit rash. Anyway, coffee and I are great amigos, and that’s the way I like it.

Now it’s 12:30 and bottle time, followed by a two hour nap. {Woohoo!}. These two hours are golden. They’re when I breathe. They’re when I relax. They’re when I peruse the computer. They’re when I do whatever needs to be done to keep our household functioning. They’re wonderful. Usually I’m spending way too much time on the computer instead of folding these,

Cleaning this,

Or picking up these….

Because I almost always resort to this….
Ahh, the joys of alone time.

Not too much alone time, though. I miss Carter. Wake up, little man, mommy wants to see you!
What’s that I hear? 

Ahh, nice to see you too, baby! 

Let’s have some lunch.

It’s now 3:30, and that unfolded laundry is calling our names.
Carter? Will you help mommy?
Thanks, baby, you are the best.

As a reward, it’s playtime for the rest of the day! This always involves ball-throwin’, horse-back-ridin’, bear-hug-givin’ cuteness. 
Happy, happy, happy.
Then Daddy comes home, and we are SUPER happy, happy, happy.

Now for dinner, a bottle, {maybe a little bit of “Cars” watching}, and bedtime.
8:30 and beyond: mommy and daddy time, baby!

Thank you so much for reading a slice out of our lives!
Come on by, and stay for awhile, why don'tchya?
I'd love to meet you!


Life With Lauren said...

Such a neat idea doing the swap! and he is adorable!!!

Krystina said...

Such an adorable blog swap!! I definitely want to do this some time soon. I love how it brings new blogs to stalk into my life! :)

Lil' Woman said...

Sounds like a great day with your little man, minus the grocery store trips.

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