Sunday, August 7, 2011

Grateful Sundays

This week, I am grateful for kind strangers.

Last night, Handsome Husband and I went to the fair (photos to come, soon!) with some of our closest and oldest friends!  We had so much fun - I have a total soft spot for the Orange County Fair, since I'm a born and raised OC baby and all!

While waiting in the (super long) line for the restroom, I managed to make small chat with a kind woman standing in front of me in line.  To be honest, I don't 100% remember (too much fried food vodka) how the topic of marriage came up, but I think she mentioned celebrating her anniversary.  I mentioned that I was a newlywed, and she gave me some advice that was so sweet.

"The first year is the hardest."
"Make sure you support him."
"It's worth it."

I feel so lucky to have taken away such sound advice from a seven-minute (told you it was a long line) exchange in the bathroom of the OC Fair.  She (we exchanged names, but I won't use hers here on the blog) was so genuine, and kind, and unexpectedly insightful.

I told her that I would write about it, and gave her my blog address.  Who knows if she will ever read this, but if you are reading, thank you so much for being sweet and friendly and sharing your life with me for even a few moments.  Your advice was valuable, and I appreciated our meaningful, albeit short, chat.

You never can tell who you'll meet at the Fair! 


Life With Lauren said...

So sweet. So many times it is the things like these that will stick with you the longest! My only suggestion is to remember everybody has ups and downs just don't give up on each other! So many people these days just give up before actually trying.

Liz Taylor Training said...

Aw that is awesome!

Kathy S said...

I love meeting great people randomly. It's so unexpected that it makes it that much more wonderful.

Lil' Woman said...

Sweet exchanges like that make me realize there is still alot of good in people! :)

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