Sunday, August 14, 2011

Grateful Sundays

This week, I am grateful that my online summer class is over!

I am so excited to have a (short) little break from school work for a few weeks before I start my Fall classes!

I have taken at least one online class every summer since I graduated high school.  For me, it helps me to stay focused and not forget what it's like to be a student.  While some might want the break (and I, too, sometime wish I could just take a break), it is truly in my best interest to stay taking at least one class all the time.

Online classes are super easy for me now, especially as I've gotten older.  I am able to go at my own pace, and take in the knowledge without the full-fledged stress of having to memorize instead of learn for the sake of passing a test or ace-ing a class.

I literally only have 2 weeks off, but I am going to love coming home these 2 weeks without worrying about hitting the books as soon as I walk in the door or before I pass out from exhaustion!

P.S. Have you checked out my Day in the Life over at Nicole's blog, yet?  I even talk about studying in it! :)


Liz Taylor Training said...

I agree with you - I did that as well!

Tricia said...

I totally agree with you on this one. Online classes can be super easy to get through, it's just doing it sometimes that is the pain. Congrats on finishing!

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