Thursday, August 25, 2011

Things Thursday: Things To Look Forward to During Vacation!

I am off to Oregon for a family vacation in five short days, and there are so many reasons to look forward to it!  Hence, this week's Things Thursday.

1. Seeing the Oregon coast for the first time.

2. No work for an entire week!

3. Awesome guest bloggers sharing some fun posts while I'm out!

4. Visiting Portland, the city where Gardening Mom and Hat Dad found each other and found love.

5. Road trip games with these three:

6. Just going somewhere and seeing new things.

7. Getting to spend time with Handsome Husband's Dad and his family - they live in Oregon, and we rarely get to see them!

8. Going on an airplane - I love to fly!

9. Going on tours of the Oregon Universitys - my not so little sisters could end up being future Ducks or Beavers!

10. Seeing Best Cousin marry the love of her life, and getting to dance the night away at her wedding surrounded by family that we don't get to see nearly as often as we should!


Emma said...

It sounds like you've got a lot of great stuff to look forward to! Can't wait to read and see about it all when you get back :)

Life With Lauren said...

Yay to being off for a week! Hope you have a wonderful and safe trip!

Kathy S said...

Sounds like a great trip. Have fun!

Kristine said...

I'm from WA so clearly I'm a UW fan (and a WSU fan at times) but I have to admit I do like the Ducks football team and OSU'S campus... it is so gorgeous! Have a great time!

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