Monday, August 29, 2011

A Stress-FREE Vacation

I am off to vacation tomorrow, and I have so been looking forward to it - you have no idea!

I already told you about the things I can't wait to do, and now I am so excited to be jet-setting off tomorrow!

Also, I am so excited to share some fabulous guest bloggers while I'm gone.  Make them feel welcome, girls, and give them tons of love!

I will miss y'all, but I promise to come back with tons of pictures, and some fun posts!

Can we just talk about what an awesome moment this was?

That baby is going to be such a gangsta.


Holly said...

Have a great time!!!

Heather said...

Their kid isn't even born and he/she's already cooler than the other kids!

Have a great vacation!

Lauren said...

Have a wonderful vacation!

The Cisneros Family! said...

Have a wonderful time, and yes, that moment was BEYOND awesome!!! I think for Babe #3 I'll just announce it to everyone on live television... Good idea, eh??

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