Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Two Truths and a Little White Lie

Because I am a total copycat (and also because I have a mad blogger girlcrush on Raven), I am copying Raven's 2 truths, 1 lie idea that she posted last month over at A Momma's Desires and Pacifiers.

So, here goes!

2 truths, 1 lie.
You guess what's what!
Leave me a comment and lemme know what you think!

1. I used to smoke a pack and a half of cigarettes a day.

2. I have moved 10 times in my life.

3. I have three tattoos.

So, what do you think?

P.S. Go see Raven, and tell her Stress Casey says hello!


Holly said...

I'm going to go with #1 being a lie, you don't seem like someone who was an ex smoker.

Life With Lauren said...

#2 is my guess!

The Cisneros Family! said...

The moving 10 times is the truth! Maybe?

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