Friday, December 9, 2011

{Fabulous Holiday Blog Challenge} NYE Memories

Fabulous Holiday Blog Challenge

So I've never done this on New Year's Eve,

or gotten to host a super cute party like this,

and I've never been in Vegas when the clock strikes midnight.

I've never really had a crazy NYE.
I've gone to some parties.
Hosted one or two.
But nothing insane.
Nothing that screams,

Happy New Year - this is my year!

And being that I have no plans on the horizon thus far for NYE 2011, I'm not too sure that this year will be the year to change that.

But what I have done on New Year's Eve is...

 had super sweet Myspace-esque photoshoots with myself.

NYE 2007

used super sweet pimp cups.

NYE 2008 - our first NYE as a couple!

annoyed people with those horn things.

NYE 2008

giggled with girlfriends.

NYE 2008 with Twin Unicorn

managed to get only one (incredibly odd) photo of the entire evening with only me, a rock, and my Handsome Husband (then just by Red-headed Fiance).

NYE 2009

head to Best Friend Swagger's family party that her parents host every year.

NYE 2010 - our last unmarried NYE!

wear goofy looking hats.

NYE 2010

and had a perfect man that I absolutely adore to kiss at midnight.

NYE 2010


Lil' Woman said...

We don't really go all out for NYE...though maybe we will this year!!

The Bases said...

Love the myspace photo :)

Monica said...

Great pics! Hope you have a great time this year too!

Breanna said...

yall are cute :)

I've never done anything real big for NYE either.

Betty said...

Your NYEs look like a lot of fun, even if they aren't big!

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