Sunday, December 4, 2011

Grateful Sundays

This week (and always), I'm grateful for my sweet Handsome Husband.

When things go wrong, and I am stressed or sad, or just a little bit off, I am so insanely grateful to have HH to go home to, and to be my partner in life forevs.

I love how he makes me laugh,

Halloween 2008

how he gets totally silly with me,

April 2011

and how he humors me when I want to slow dance in public.

June 2010

He sweeps me off my feet,

March 2010

gives me sweet kisses,

Our rehearsal dinner, February 2011

lets me dance it out,

July 2010

loves on me,

4th of July 2010

and gives me a safe place to hide when things get scary.

August 2009

Love this guy!

September 2011


tara said...

this is such a sweet post! looks like y'all are a good match! :)

Katie said...

so cute! you guys are adorable!

Neely said...

Y'all are precious!

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