Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A Giveaway is in the Works

That's right, ladies - I've got a celebratory giveaway coming up!  What are we celebrating, you ask?

Still a few to go, so if you want to make me smile (and have a chance to win some sweet stuff), follow me!

And it's gonna be a good one, especially because I have a lovely sponsor for it!

And that sponsor is...

My friend, cousin (through marriage, but who cares), blogging buddy, and mama of my beloved Lil C,

We are teaming up to bring you a sweet little gift in thanks for being a super blog reader, and following my lil 'ole blog!  (Rumor has it TG is giving something away on her blog too soon - might wanna keep an eye on that!)

Edited: These little elves were not expecting such a quick increase in followers, but check here bright and early on December 26th for a little post-Christmas present!


Breanna said...

woohoo! Congrats on your 200 followers.. almost :)

Monica Tillery said...

Sounds exciting! At this moment you are only 2 people away!! Congratulations!

The Bases said...

You are at exactly 200 now!

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