Thursday, December 29, 2011

Things Thursday: Things I am Lucky Enough to Have Received for Christmas!

1. A wonderful brand spanking new iPhone 4S - thanks to Santa (aka Gardening Mombo and Hat Daddy-o)!

2. An amazeballs Kindle Fire - thanks to MIL Red!

3. A hot pair of Chinese Laundry boots, thanks to my Handsome Hubster!

4. An awesome new black peacoat from Sister Swimmer (which is ironically what I got her, too!).

5. A beautiful new Hobo wallet for all my cash money to hang out in!

6. Hot new undies and a brand new pair of Victoria's Secret yoga pants from sweet Sister Singer!

7. A fun new super comfy VS sweatshirt from Aunt Fancy Chef!

8. A night out in a beautiful San Diego hotel to look forward to from Grandpa Golfer and Gma Beach Bum!

9. Gift cards that mean some awesome date nights coming up from Handsome Husband's Dad and fam up in Oregon.

10. And so much more - thank you so much to all my generous family and friends!

Did you want some beauty products that you didn't find under your tree? Be sure to check out my GIVEAWAY going on now, for over $85 worth of fabulous beauty products!


Alyssa said...

I love VS! So jealous!!

Lil' Woman said...

Someone was a very good girl this year. Yay for all your new goodies!

Shellsea said...

yeah! I just put up my what I got this year post! glad you didn't get anything off your "things you don't want for Christmas" list!

Breanna said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE those boots :)

tara said...

woot! love those boots!

Life With Lauren said...

Lots of amazing gifts looks like you had a perfect Christmas! I live for VS yoga pants and I could not do without my Hobo wallet you will never go back!

Anonymous said...

We do not give presents since we are all adults, we like to spend time together and have a meal instead of spending money on gifts. It has changed our Xmas and giving Xmas new meaning for the true joy of just the season. Rather then spend on gifts, we give to charity. This year I helped put on a dinner with presents for 10 homeless. Nothing feels as good as giving to others.

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