Monday, December 12, 2011

What's Upsexy?

Deceber 6th was a good day.


Because I read this post by Raven and this post by Kim.

And died laughing.

And then copied them.

And then laughed more.


Naturally, I started with my husband,

Moved on to my sisters,

Sister Singer was not fooled,

and Sister Swimmer was just confused.

I tried it out on one of HH's besties, Dr. Groomsman,
who caught on way too quickly,

as did Nurse Surcasm (must be something with the medical folk!).

Apparently Best Friend Swagger's nationality made her immune to falling for my tricks,

while my twinner friends made me laugh out loud.

Kindergarten Teacher gets 2nd place for most hilarious conversation,

but good-ole standby Cute Apartment always comes through for me.

Yes, I wasted far too much of my time doing this.
And no, I'm not ashamed.

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Rissy said...

bahahahaha I love how many people you asked. Im going to play this game again today with someone because I've only tried twice.


Arielle said...

bahahaha I am dying laughing. Too funny!

Kim {Yep, they are all mine} said...


The Bases said...

ohmygosh, that is quite hilarious! I might have to try!

Maggie said...

haha I tried doing this too!!! Out of the four people I typed "upsexy" too, only one actually said "what's up sexy?" -- It was TOTALLY worth it though! :o)

Happy Mingle Monday!

P!nky said...

HAHAHAH That's awesome! I tried the upsexy joke with my sisters and my swimmer/teacher sister stopped playing. She didn't know what it was so she didn't want to be fooled.

My bf also didn't get it either...way bummer.

Happy Monday!


LaNeshe said...

LOL. I tried it with my husband, he just said "?"

Coming over from Mingle Monday!

Petchie said...

hahaah I love this!!! too funny!


Greetings from Texas! said...

Hilarious! I've done it before with whats "updog"? Never whats "upsexy"? Well done! Here from Mingle Monday!

Sar said...

I've seen these on a few blogs and I LOVE IT! I don't think I could pull it off to any of my family members or friends, but it still makes me giggle profusely!

Just stopping by from Mingle Monday! Happy Monday!


Betty said...

That is so funny!! And it's crazy how people don't always make it easy! Haha!

Erin said...

Ha! After reading this - I did it on my boyfriend (for context - we work across the street from each other). See results below:
me: hey do you smell the upsexy from across the street?
boyfriend: what?!
me: can you smell the upsexy over there?
boyfriend: ahhhhhhh i said it outloud before I typed it!

Robin said...

hahhaa, oh these cracked me up and I love how many people you did it to! I used to do this when I was younger by saying "does it smell like updog in here?" ...always make me laugh.
Recently did it on my boyfriend and he can't get over how funny it is.
Thanks for sharing, it gave me quite a chuckle!

I hope you'll check out my blog, plus a link up called Wish! {out loud} that I hope you'll participate in!

Kate said...

I don't know wether to be ashamed or proud that I was the only one who actually fell for it. My favorites were swagger's russian excuse and Kteacher's non excuse! I still think you're a loser though! :)

Jamie said...

I love this.

undomestic chica said...

I copied Raven too! And I love that Twin Unicorn said "Har Har Har," 'cause my sister did too when I asked her.

Shellsea said...

This was hilarious. I can't believe you texted that many people. And i'm kind of jealous that your iphone can take awesome screen shots like that.

Selina. said...

hehe i just tried this on my BF he ended up asking me the question but still not getting the joke :P ah well i am forgiving him for his foreignnerness ;)

Kathy S said...


Kaylee said...

I tried this and nobody got "it" lol

Kaylee said...

I tried this and nobody got "it" lol

Kaylee said...

I tried this and nobody got "it" lol

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