Monday, February 13, 2012

Are You There Blog World? It's Me, Casey.

Today, I am linking up with my blog girlfriend, Neely, for her awesome link-up encouraging bloggers to get their blogs out there!

So, blog world, what should you know about me?

My name is Casey (and you can call me Stress Case if you'd like).

I am in my early twenties (holding on to that one for dear life).

Married the love of my life last year on a perfect California February day.

I'm a pediatric nurse, and love my job.

I was going to share a debut vlog today, but completely chickened out - it's intimidating!

Some posts you could check out to get to know me a little better:
Alternative Blog Names
I'm {Blank} Because
What's Upsexy?
Worth the Hangover
Meet & Greet
Things You Should Know About Me if We're Going to be BFFs

I share some inspirational worlds every Tuesday for Quotable Tuesdays,
list some random crap most Thursdays for Things Thursday,
talk about what I'm grateful for on Grateful Sundays,


I host a bi-weekly link-up on Saturdays to honor and spotlight fellow bloggers and their exceptional posts.  It's new and I'm working to get it off the ground and encourage all of you to support your peers and share your favorites posts over the weeks!  I hope you'll consider linking up with for the next Lots of Link Love on Saturday, February 25th.

Lots of Link Love

Thank you for visiting me here at Stress Case - I hope you'll take a little looksie around!


Malo said...

Hey Casey! Nice to know more about you and your blog. Have a nice day!

Emily said...

I was already a follower, but love getting to know more about you! Such a cute blog...

Cait said...

such a great intro casey :) so glad to get to know you and your blog!

Christine @Fancy Function said...

Thanks for sharing - love your blog!

Nicole said...

Hey Casey - my fellow short person! Thanks for stopping by Destination Unknown. I will give you a little follow and keep up with your stressed out life! Pediatric nurse - how cool is that?

Holly said...

new follower from Neely's link up! Cute blog! Love your style, woman! Can't wait to keep reading your blog :)

mandell said...

WOO!! Love finding blogs I'll actually read on the reg! Newest follower!

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