Monday, February 6, 2012

{Fabulous Valentine's Challenge} Day 6: Love to be Creative

Valentine’s Day Challenge

Now that you ladies have had the weekend to rest up, can't wait to see the rest of your awesome V-Day Challenge link-ups!

Today's Topic: Love to be Creative
Share some Valentine's Day crafts, recipes or gifts you've got up your sleeve!
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Pinterest is my best friend for things like this, because in the real world?
Stress Case don't have time for all this fun stuff!
Between work and school and trying to maintain a speck of a social life - the creativity unfortunately gets slid to the backburner.

But, if I did have the time,
this is what I'd be doing!

I'd be decorating my (non-existant at the moment) house like this:

Making these adorable crafts:

And, of course, I'd be baking up these yummy treats:

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What creativity are YOU putting to use this Valentine's Day?
Link up!

Tomorrow's Topic: Love Blogging
Why did you start, what posts are your favorite, share anything with us!
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Emily said...

Love the candy heart hurricanes & the doily light garland.... Such cute ideas!

Sarah said...

I included the pretzels, too! So adorable!! I love the punched out paint strips!!

Heather said...

Those smores love bars look sinful!

Jennifer B said...

I want those pretzels in my tum tum now. I love the second decorative picture- amazing!

Christine@ Fancy Function said...

Great Valentine's ideas! I really like the pantone stripes with heart cut outs and candle holders with the conversation hearts. :)

Lil' Woman said...

Love all these, gotta love Pinterest.

Jaf Gifts said...

Oohh, very tempting! I would love to have those stuff this coming Valentines Day! These are great ideas by the way.

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