Saturday, March 31, 2012

{We We Blog} Week: Why Kate Blogs

Hi Stress Case friends! This is Cute Apartment here signing in to write about why it is that I write my little blog, which I have so cleverly named, Diary of a Blonde. Get it? It's because I'm blonde and my blog is like my diary.

When I was in college studying to be an interior designer, I used to have to do a ton of research on design themes, green energy and so on. While looking for these things I would come across dozens of inspiration photos that I loved, but couldn't use because they didn't associate with whatever project I was working on. My desktop became so cluttered with pictures that I liked, I ended up making an "inspiration folder" to save them in hopes of using them for a project. Soon enough my folder of pretty houses and interiors included quotes that I liked, recipes I wanted to try and craft ideas. I pretty much invented Pinterest without even knowing something like that existed!

While in school, I had classes 30 hours a week, worked part time at Ruby's Diner and was suffocating in homework. I had no time to blog! So I waited patiently for the blessed day to come where I graduated and would finally have countless hours to be on the internet for no reason at all. Of course because I'm a little obsessive and set in my ways, I had to come up with a whole canvas in order to "paint" my blog. I spent the next 3 days creating a background, working on a header and coming up with what in the hell it was I actually wanted to say.

On June 27, 2011 my first blog post went up and Diary of a Blonde was born! I wrote in my little about me section that my blog will be my guilty pleasure, giving me a creative outlet to post the things I find worth living for. And I think I have done a pretty good job of that. Although my blog is open for the world to read, I really only write it for me. It's a place that I like to hold beautiful pictures of rooms I would one day like to have. I use it to remember fond memories with friends and family, and also to write facts/ stories about me that people are dying to  may not know. I've also recently joined E-Harmony and have been writing about all of my dating adventures, both the good and the bad.

So to make a long story short, why is it that I blog? It's simple. I blog for me

Thanks for reading! Stop by and take a look into my little corner of the blogoshphere at Diary of a Blonde


 Why We Blog Week

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