Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Top 3 Reasons I Don't Talk Politics

A few days ago, on my way out of the house for work, I overheard Hat Dad and Gardening Mom having their daily morning chat over coffee and newpapers (cute, right?).  While grabbing my Nutrigrain bar, I listened to a sound that is all too familiar in the morning at this house - political chatter.  Hat Dad loves to rant talk politics, and Gardening Mom (while I don't think she is nearly as into it as HD) obliges, which I guess is the name of the game of marriage - compromise (slash listening about things you don't care about and nodding and smiling...not that that's what Gardening Momma does...nope not at all!).

Since I overheard the conversation (fair warning: if I hear your convo, I'm a part of it), I stepped in and shared a fairly entirely off-topic tip that I will also share with you, my loyal readers.  I said,

"Just a tip: Don't ever play the 'If someone gave you $300,000, what would you do with the money' Game, because for the next few days, you will be waiting for someone to come give you $300,000."
(Told you it was off-topic.)

Anyways, circling back around to politics, after being inspired by my lack of anything political-related to say when waltzing into my parents' morning convo, I've decided to share with you...

The Top 3 Reasons I Don't Talk Politics

1. I am simply not educated enough.  This is embarassing, but I just don't know my stuff well enough to debate politics.  While I thrive on debate (seriously, start an argument with me,, I opposite-of-thrive on looking stupid.  And logic tells me, if I start to debate or even just casually talk politics and I don't really know what I'm talking about, the chances of me looking stupid are high - and homegirl don't like those odds.

2. People are so passionate about politics, and I just don't care enough.  What I mean by that is this: there are lots of things I am passionate about, some of them in the political family, but in general, I just don't get heated over political issues.  Seriously, I can get more into Big Brother scandals than general poltical chat.  I don't so much mind just chatting about politics or political issues, but I don't want to yell about them.  The easiest way to avoid such confrontations I have found is to simply

3. I don't know where I stand.  This really goes hand in hand with #1.  I simply am not sure how I feel about many political issues, and when I think I have made up my mind, it seems to change the very next week.  You can't very well debate your little political ass off, and then change your mind shortly thereafter, it makes you look finicky (and no one likes finicky folks). 

Someday, I would really like to learn more about politics (eliminating #1), make educated choices and pick where I really stand politically (discarding #3), and feel more compelled to talk about politics and defend my views (erasing #2!).

But, for now, I will settle for laughing at the political cartoons I can actually understand, and above all else, loving my country and always looking towards bright futures as an American, regardless of political affiliation!

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Sarah E. said...

I used to be just like that, but I made a new friend and she inspired me to get involved and educated :) It is my life after all that is affected by the bozos in our government. Especially seeing as how my husband's paycheck (he's military) was threatened TWICE this year AND they are the ones who control where he is sent and why. :)

Raquel said...

I'm with you on all 3!!

Lil' Woman said...

I like to think of myself as educated on basic ideologies of candidates, but the nitty gritty stuff, I'm not so sure of so I keep my mouth shut for the most part.

Politics are fickle themselves, once you think your on solid ground, things change drastically. I agree with just hoping for a better tomorrow no matter what your affiliated with.

Kathy S said...

Those are my three reasons for not talking about politics as well.

Amanda Anne said...

I'm the type of person who doesn't care enough to know much about politics (that Obama is a cutie isn't he?) - but can quote endless useless facts ALL day long!

New follower - btw...

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