Thursday, March 15, 2012

Things Thursday: Things I Love About My Wife!

Hello, Blogosphere! Handsome Husband (aka HH) here, guest posting for my Wonderful Wife (see what I did there?) on the 3rd Anniversary of her 21st Birthday! I had a tough time coming up with something to write about because there are SO MANY things I could write about my StressCase! Anyways, as you can tell from the title, I finally decided on a topic so let's do this!

1. She’s gorgeous!
Does this picture even need a caption? PS that's my arm! Awww yeeeee!!
Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaave you met Casey? (How I Met Your Mother reference…if you haven’t watched that show before, get on it NOW! You’ve been missing out!) Seriously, though, have you seen her?! She’s HOTT!
2. She makes me laugh more than any woman I have ever known!
This is just one of the many funny faces she has in her arsenal.
Best Friend Fashionista (yeah I used her blog name, whattup!) came over last weekend for Casey’s birthday party and said something that I thought was very nice. She said “Casey is going to live so long because she must laugh so much when you guys are together!” I thought that was a very nice comment from her but I thought about it, and she could’ve said the same thing to me about being with Casey! She seriously makes me laugh A LOT! No offense to any women out there, but I never thought a girl would be able to make me laugh so much!
3. She’s silly and ridiculous
We are so clearly lucky to have each other.
She is the QUEEN of silly and ridiculous dances and voices. I’m pretty sure she only performs these numbers around me, her sisters sometimes, and Diego (the orange cat), so I don’t have very much evidence of these shenanigans but believe me, they. are. ridic. Have you seen the Marcel the Shell videos on YouTube? It's frightening crazy how well she can do that voice.
4. She’s very supportive and honest
Casey being all supportive 'n sh*t.
I have had a lot of stuff going on since Casey and I have been together, which means there has been a lot she has had to put up with/listen to/support me on. Some of those things include undergrad down in San Diego, playing college soccer (which, if you are close to anyone who plays a college sport, you know how much of a pain in the ass it can be to put up with…sure going to the games and the parties is fun, but throw in having next to no free time for 4 years and it gets old fast. I’d definitely do it all over again if I could, but I think she’d think a little harder about it (and then also do it all over again)), studying for and taking the LSAT, and applying to law schools. She has been so supportive of everything I have done while we have been together and has never hesitated to let me know when she didn’t agree with how I was handling something or when I was clearly wrong and didn’t quite realize it. While sometimes it can come off a bit harsh, I really appreciate her honesty and openness.
5. She’s dedicated
Casey at her graduation dinner for finishing nursing school!
When this woman puts her mind to something, she doesn’t just get it done, she gets it done and then some. One night she comes home from taking a girl to the hospital after a party and tells me she wants to be a nurse, a little over a year later, she's a nurse! BOOM!
6. She’s a lover
Us kissing after our wedding ceremony! Photo courtesy of the greatest wedding photographer in the entire world, DeeDee Dallas!
Look how in love we are!
7. She’s reasonable
Clearly she is in an intense reasoning situation as illustrated by her reasoning glasses...
You know how sometimes you can get extremely upset about someone/something and you can’t believe how wrong/mean/dumb that someone/something was? (PS if you were able to make sense of that, you’re legit as eff!) Well, Casey is really great at seeing situations like that from both sides; sometimes to a fault. Sometimes I’m all like “Come on! Give me a break here and back me up!!!” and she’ll maintain her neutralifanythingHHisinthewrong position. To be completely honest, she is right 90% of the time so it’s mostly me just getting heated or upset over something that isn’t really all that important but she does a great job at keeping me level headed and I love her for that!!!
8. She is fun!!!
Us at Double Deuces night club in San Diego stone. cold. sober.
Go out to a bar or club with her one night and you’ll see what I mean.
9. I have known her since 7th grade!
This picture is actually from 8th grade, I believe, which is unfortunate because I was waaaaaaay hotter in 7th grade but I digress...
Most of you already know this from her many posts about our love story but in case this happens to be your first time reading StressCase, yes, I have known my wife since 7th grade! What I think is so great about having known her for so long is that it gives us that much more in common. We grew up around the same people and went to the same junior high school and high school. When we tell stories about when we were younger, neither of us gets annoyed or disinterested in the story because chances are we know someone involved in the story or remember the specific time or event that is being talked about. Also, a lot of our friends also went to school with us so we both knew these people before we began dating, which makes hanging out with each other’s friends that much easier and that much more fun!
So, that concludes this week’s Things Thursday over here at StressCase. I hope you all enjoyed reading my first ever blog post! Oh, also, please make sure to wish Casey a very, very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Thanks and I’M OUT!


Monica said...

How sweet is this!! you two are so lucky to have each other!

tara said...

aawwww!! this was so SO sweet! :) happy birthday casey!

Amber said...

I LOVE this post, happy birthday girl! :) I mean, I already wanted to hang out with you, but this post totally confirms it!

E said...

What a sweet and kind husband you have! Not just for all the sweet words, but for writing a post, too!
I hope you have a wonderful birthday! Looking forward to reading about some of the fun stuff that was done celebrate.

Neely said...

Happy birthday darling! This was great!

Jaf Gifts said...

That is so sweeeeet! The last part was awesome with your old pic together.

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