Sunday, July 17, 2011

Grateful Sundays

This week, I am grateful for impromptu fun nights!

This weekend was Handsome Husband's good friend Dr. Groomsman's birthday, and we made a totally impromptu trip to San Diego to go out and celebrate with him and some of our good friends down there!

Being that I am a neurotic planner, and a total Stress Case (you see what I did there?), spur-of-the-moment is not really my thing.  So you can imagine how proud of myself I was when I was able to drown out the voices in my head screaming "This isn't in the plan!" and call up HH and ask if he wanted to drive down to San Diego for the night after work.

I am so glad we chose to go down, because after we decided on going, our good friend Dimples (who also used to live in San Diego) said she would join us!

It was great to see our friends, and we were so happy to be there to celebrate Dr. Groomsmen's birthday with him!  (Even though it really aggravated me that he is like a year and a half younger...why do I feel so old?!)

Just a few photos of the fabulous night out in Pacific Beach (thanks to Dimples, of course):

Dr. Groomsman surrounded by his lovely ladies - lucky birthday boy!

Some of my favorite ladies - Future Dr. Babies, me, and Dimples

HH and I gettin' our groove on on the dance floor!


Kristine @ JandMs Eye Candy said...

Looks so fun!! You sure have style!! I'm your newest follower :)


Meri said...

I can definitely get too into making plans and being rigid too... if you don't plan, you might end up not doing anything fun, right? Sometimes I need to do things more spur of the moment though. Your San Diego trip sounds like a good summer getaway :)

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