Thursday, July 7, 2011

Things Thursday: Things You Could Buy Me as a Happy Thursday Present

1. The following DVDs: Glee Season 2, How I Met Your Mother Season 1 and all subsequent seasons, Mermaids (have you ever seen this Cher movie?  It freaking rocks), The Perfect Husband (a movie on Scott Peterson - all this Casey Anthony drama has me totally interested in his case).

2. Sparkly things.

3. A monogrammed big floppy beach hat

from here

3. A cute case for my camera.

4. A curling iron - love doing the flat iron curl and all, but I'm ready to step it up a notch!

5. Nail polish - I've started a minor obsession...I blame Fashionista and Swagger.

6. One of those cute stickers that go on your computer.

7. Gift cards to restaurants - we love a good (free!) date night around here!

8. Flow-y summer dresses...would be perfect for this heat we've got going on in SoCal lately.

9. Make-up.

10. Scrubs...seriously, I'm so over my pairs.



Holly said...

Loooove that hat...I want one badly. Make-up is a must, the good stuff and not the cheap stuff that crumbles easily or doesn't stay on well. Hope you can get a few of these things ;)

Heather said...

I'm loving nail polish!

Kathy S said...

I love that hat!

Kristine said...

GAH!I love that movie with Cher! It's always on Lifetime I swear... that and Bette Midler's Beaches, haha.

threetimesf said...

Wow, I want those laptop stickers! :)
Oooh and a word of advice re: HIMYM dvds...don't get them until you have A LOT of free time on your hands! I picked up series 1-5 in a sale, and didn't see anybody for about 2 weeks, hilarious and so so addictive!

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