Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Oh, How Pinteresting!

After mentioning how much I am into Pinterest lately in last week's Things Thursday, I decided I would join in at The Vintage Apple.  Michelle (who actually sent me my invite to Pinterest, after I pleaded for one on twitter!) hosts a weekly showcase, where participants share their latest and greatest "pins"!  Super fun, and I've spent way too many hours stalking other people's, it's time for me to share mine!


This, week I'd like to share some of my latest pins on my Cocktails Board.  (If you want to get some more fun cocktail recipes, check out Cute Apartment's Toast to Thursday every week!)

Raspberry Beer Cocktail

Strawberry Champagne Spritzer

Wine Spritzer

Popsicles in Champagne

Don't these cocktails look awesome?  Especially refreshing for summer!

Come over and check out the other fun things I have on my Cocktails Board and more!

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Courtney said...

The strawberry champagne spritzer looks so yummy!!

Miranda said...

All of those look delicious!


Kathy S said...

Love those!

Holly said...

I want to try the champagne spritzer and the popsicles in the wine! So fun :)

Nicole said...

Raspberry beer?! ummm Hello there new best friend!

Kristine said...

Ha, I totally pinned majority of those drinks too! I love my alcohol…

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