Sunday, July 24, 2011

Grateful Sundays

This week, I am grateful for Grandma Beach Bum.

(From L-R: Grandpa Golfer, Grandma Beach Bum, Me, Handsome Husband, and Mother-in-Law Red)

Grandma Beach Bum is Handsome Husband's maternal grandmother, but from the moment I met her she made me feel completely part of the family, as if she was simply my grandmother too.  Her and her husband, Grandpa Golfer, have opened their arms for me since day one of HH and I's relationship, and been huge supports for both HH and myself over the years.

Having just finished off another Family Poker Tournament last night (I got 3rd place - what what!), I wanted to take a moment to highlight Grandma Beach Bum for all the wonderful things she does (and all the wonderful things she is!).

Grandma Beach Bum is so generous, kind, and outwardly loving.  She is not ashamed to show you affection, and will always give you a hug and kiss when she sees you.  She is sweet and warm, and makes you feel right at home.  I remember being so touched that she was so inclusive when I was only merely dating her grandson for weeks when I met her (on her birthday, at that). 

Grandma BB is also a fabulous hostess.  She is always ready for company - even when HH and I drop by without notice, she seems eerily prepared, always offering cold drinks and refreshments.  She keeps her home lovingly decorated, and is creative in so many facets.  She is actually the person who helped not only design and purchase my wedding centerpieces, but on the day of my wedding, she herself set them up (with help from Gardening Mom and MIL Red).

She is also a savvy business woman!  She used to own her own store (that's where the monomer Beach Bum came from), and has worked in marketing and management, along with having been a landlord in the past.  She is a boss-lady (if you know which Real Housewife daughter said she wanted to be a boss lady when she grew up, we can be BFFs right now)!

Grandma Beach Bum is a woman who so clearly and unabashedly loves her family.  I feel so grateful that I was lucky enough to meet her grandson, and join her family and be apart of that love.

Love this photo of HH and Grandma Beach Bum at a summer BBQ a few years back.

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Sophie @ threetimesf said...

Awww she sounds lovely! That pic of her and HH is tres cute! :)

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