Friday, July 1, 2011

Happy Hour

Today I am sipping on water during Happy Hour, in a sad attempt to pre-hydrate myself because in less than 4 hours, we are off for a fun-filled weekend in ARIZONA!

This is the marina in the neighborhood where my parents' house is!

My parents have a sweet little vacation home (seriously, Gardening Mom has decorated it so cute!) in Willow Valley, Arizona and they are gracious enough to allow Handsome Husband and I to take some friends out for a weekend during the hot Arizona summer.

We have been going annually with a group of friends for 4 summers now (okay, we missed last summer), and it is so fun!  

I have been looking forward to this trip for months, but especially the last week.  I am excited to spend some time with girlfriends that I rarely get to see due to our busy lives (I hate being a grown-up sometimes), and just relax in the heat and float in the river!

Posting will be pretty non-existant this weekend - I think it will be the first time I've gone more than one day without posting since I started Stress Case!

What are you doing for the holiday weekend?


Tricia said...

Relax, have fun, and drink up!

Melissa {TheScarletCardinal} said...

Sounds like a blast! Hope you're able to relax and enjoy!

Kristine said...

Sounds like fun! Ha, I totally pre-hydrate myself... not sure if it works though? Ha, it's worth a shot.

Married In Chicago said...

I've never been to Arizona, but that picture looks gorgeous!

I'm spending time with my husband's family this weekend up in the mountains of NC. Its a really nice break from Chicago!

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