Thursday, July 21, 2011

Things Thursday: Things I Am Totally Into Right Now

1. Pinterest - I know I'm like lightyears behind the rest of the blogworld, but holy cow, Pinterest is amazeballs.  Love it.  LOVE it.

Follow Me on Pinterest

2. Best Friend Cute Apartment moving in about a month even closer to me than she already is!  Hang out sessions to increase exponentially come August.

Planning to clock some major tanning/pool time at Cute Apartment's new (destined to be) adorable apartment!

3. Our family vacay to Oregon being barely a month away!  

4. Seeing Bestie Fashionista on a weekday yesterday!  Hasn't happened in months, thanks for coming over and having girly talk, Bestie!

Don't mind the minor headlock I've got Fashionista in.

6. Movie day tomorrow with Cute Apartment - we are going to be totally scandalous and movie-hop!

7. Gardening Mom's emails from her humanitarian trip she is currently on with Sister Swimmer - post all about their inspiring efforts (and some excerpts from Gardening Mom's awesome emails) to come soon!

8. Handsome Husband working hard on his studies for his LSAT prep class - it's nice to have a study buddy again!

9. This little guy:

10.  My current hot pink nail color (see the above photo for a little peak!) - thank you Mother-in-Law Red for the mani/pedi last weekend! 


The Whity Wife said...

I just joined pintrest last weekend- and it is now my life after blogging- I blog, I follow, I comment, then I pintrest. I should do more outside but it's 107!

Kate said...

I'm seriously expecting random drop-bys from you when I move into my new place!

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