Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Fabulous Fall Challenge: Halloween Memories

I am so excited to jump right into Neely and Amber's Fabulous Fall Challenge!  Hopefully I can keep up and participate more than just today, because I love Fall!

Fabulous Fall Blog Challenge

Today's topic is one I just cannot not chime in on:

Halloween Memories!

I love Halloween (it's my second favorite holiday, only after Christmas) and love dressing up in costume!  Here some of my past looks for Halloween:


Me: Slooted up version of a 50's waitress
(I just so happened to work in a diner at the basically I was myself for Halloween...just a lot more skanky)
Fashionista: Race Car Driver

Walking the streets (we sure look like we should be doing that afterall) in Santa Barbara - THE place to be if you're a college student around Halloween time


First Halloween with HH
Me: Nurse
(Oddly enough, this is just months before I decided to change my carrer path and become a nurse!)

Keepin' it classy.


I am no Harry Potter fan, but thought it was too hard to pass up HH being that little ginger from the movie (Ron?)

Sadly, I cannot seem to find photos of 2007 and 2010.  Last year was actually pretty fun - we were Fred and Wilma Flinstone!  While I don't have a photo of my costume, or Handsome Husband in his, I do have this little gem:

Sister Swimmer showin' of HH's homemade costume!

What's your take on Halloween?
As a girl, do you take is as an opportunity to get slazzy without judgment? (I do.)


Three's 4 Me said...

Oh my gosh I love that Harry Potter costumed!!! So cute!

Anonymous said...

lovelovelove Halloween...and lately I've been taking the road of "how long am I going to have this relatively slim body? I'm wearing what I want!"

Some girls dress that skankily year round, one night won't hurt. =]

Lil' Woman said...

I def. have slutted it up in Halloween pasts, I actually met the hubs looking like a hoochie football player ;)

Erika said...

What fun! I have never been one to dress up for halloween (it's enough work to get the kids done!) but I think it's awesome!

Thanks for stopping by the Midweek Hopalong! Hope to see you again this week! :)


Love this! coming from midweek hopalong Fabulous Finds (catching up) come by~

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