Friday, September 16, 2011

Birthday Princess: Cute Apartment

It's a big day, y'all. 

It's Cute Apartment's Birthday!
woo woo!

Don't be jealous of my photoshop (coughPicnikcough) skills.

I have mentioned lil Cute Apartment a time or two on this here blog.  I talked about how grateful I was (and still am!) for my bestie, and shared our top 10 "signature" photos together in celebration for her recent graduation.

In honor of CA's (Cute Apartment, not California) special day, we are doing a spa day, lunch and birthday party prep!  It has been so long since I've spent an entire day with her - I'm so excited!

Come evening time, there will be lots of this:

And even more of this:

Counting down the hours until the birthday celebration, Cute Apartment!

Now go give her some love over at her corner of the blogosphere: Diary of a Blonde!

Diary of a Blonde
PS. I NEED to share this photo that CA put on my Facebook wall about our fabulous day planned for tomorrow:

Tell me you laughed as hard as I did.

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Kate said...

I am loving your photoshop skills! Thanks so much for all this Birthday recognition! I can't wait to spend our day together tomorrow! Love you Bestie!

Eschelle said...

that kid is HILARIOUS i almost pissed myself laughing so hard WOW

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