Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Guest Blogger: Wedding Reflections

Thank you, Sarah, for the awesome beauty tips!  I have wanted to try eyebrow threading forever (Fashionista swears by it, and her eyebrows are amazeballs), and your post may have inspired me enough to go out and actually do it!

Today, Nicole (the adorable blondie with the baby bump and sweetest lil toddler who I did the blog swap with a couple weeks ago?) from The Cisneros Family has some major wedding eye candy for you?  How amazing is her wedding dress?!  


Hello there, all you friends of Stress Casey!
My name is Nicole Cisneros and you can find me over HERE. I've known Casey since the good old days of high school, but I'm actually fairly certain the two of us attended the same junior high. That's going way back, y'all. Anyway, Casey and I actually did a blog swap a few weeks ago where we chatted about what the two of us do on a daily basis, and I loved it so much that I'm back for more. 

today I'm going to talk about my wedding day.
Ahh, to be the bride.
What a glorious role to play for a day.
To be waited upon by your wedding party.
To be the center of much commotion and tomfoolery.
To be so stressed out you would rather dive off your second story balcony than be asked,
"Now, Nicole, have we received anymore RSVP's in the mail today?"

But I don't want to talk about the well-known, pre-wedding, overly-stressed-out time period.
I want to talk about right before walking out of that precious little room to face all of your family and friends and your man.
The man.

A short history: My man, Chad, and I had actually been married for a full year before we had our church ceremony and reception. A year! You would think this fact would have jaded me to the whole ceremony section of the evening, but no. 

{Lookin' calm, cool and collected, eh? Well, I wasn't.}

I was SO INCREDIBLY NERVOUS to walk down the aisle to him. SO.NERVOUS. Why? Why was I so nervous? I had spent the last year laughing with this guy, cuddling with him and joking around about how horrible our professors are, but here I was about to crack under the stress of just walking outside of a door! 
I did not have butterflies floating around aimlessly in my stomach.
I had pterodactyls ripping holes through my intestines.
F-350 trucks were paving roads in there.
Boeing jets were experiencing flame-ridden deaths.

And then the wedding lady, who I came to loathe throughout the one year wedding planning process, gestured towards my dad and I, signalling that it was our turn to make 
When we rounded the corner, though, I saw everyone's smiling faces. I saw people with tears coming down their cheeks, and our wedding party teeter-tottering between nervousness and excitement.
Then I saw Chad, and he was smiling his humongous smile.
He was tall, and that was great.
He is always tall, but at that moment he was taller than usual.
And in all honesty, I relaxed.
I calmed down enough to realize that there is no reason to be so nervous. 
These were my family and friends, and they are here to support us and celebrate in our happy moment.
{Sounds cliche, eh? Well, that's what happened!}

Now our little 20 month old baby is a daily reminder of how happy that moment was.
And Babe #2, the one poking around in there, is another constant, happy reminder.

What a relief it is to know that on the day of your wedding you are building a system of support for yourself and the ones you love for.ever. It's really quite amazing.

Wow, that was mushy. I usually back away from mushiness, but something took hold of me! 
I hope you enjoyed my moment of mushiness, and do so hope you stop BY and stay awhile!

Have any of you experienced overly-jittery-moments of nervousness before realizing that the ones you love are there for you no matter what?
I betchya you have!
Tell me all about it!


Anonymous said...

Reading this post really made me nervous. Like jittery nervous. Like...my wedding is in a month nervous. I keep trying to imagine the moment of aisle-walking and can't stop myself from getting super shaky. I know they are our families and friends, but being the center of attention freaks me out. My bridal shower was proof of that. Panic attack, anyone?

I can only hope to have a clarifying moment like you did as I make my way through the church. Somebody pray for me!

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Limitless Reader said...

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