Saturday, September 3, 2011

Guest Blogger: Happily Ever Now

Did you all fall in love with (and feel totally sorry for) my little bestie, Cute Apartment (okay, fine, Kate) yesterday?  That blind date was brutal, and Kindergarten Teacher hears about that little mismatch all.the.time!

Today, Amy from Happily Ever Now is here to share some embarrassing moments - I hate to laugh (okay, no I don't mind it actually), but Amy - you have found yourself in some awkward situations!  Glad you have a sense of humor about it, though - then it's just great blogging material!


Hello! My name is Amy, and I'm thrilled to be guest posting for Casey today as she enjoys some time off. Things you should know about me: I'm a junior in college (studying elementary ed at BYU), I really love brownies, and I tend to find myself in awkward situations. A lot. I like to say it’s a talent, because then it makes it seem like a desirable quality.

Hey-O! this is me, looking cute on Dumbo. you know how it goes.

Once I grabbed a strange boy’s entire thigh in one of my college classes. It was a total accident. You see, my pencil started rolling off my desk, into his lap, and my ninja reflexes just kinda…. took over. I know, not cool at all. He was pretty startled.

And then I think he was scared of me.

At least it wasn’t as bad as the time I walked all the way into a boy’s bathroom. Or the time a boy tried to flirt with me as he was farting. And definitely not as embarrassing as the time I accidentally leaned against the light switch and plunged my psychology class of 200 people into complete darkness.

I’ve always loved fairy tales—you know, the classic princess who meets a prince on a white stallion? Also: Jane Austen. Specifically when Mr. Darcy is involved. The girls in those stories always tend to live happily ever after. It’s really not fair.

Sometimes I dream of my happily ever after: I see an Amy glowing with radiant beauty as she lives life with absolutely no awkwardness, making all the best boys fall in love with her until she finds the perfect one to match her perfect life! Emphasis on no awkwardness please.

And then I go on a date, and he tells me in all seriousness that he’s a werewolf.

(Help me.)

So I write about it. My blog is called “Happily Ever Now,” and it represents my determination to live in the now, to celebrate the funny, and to share my stories with the world. And then I laugh, I cry, and I embrace my awkward life, as lame as it may be, because when I stop to let it soak in, I realize that I absolutely love it.

Why wait for happily ever after?

it's completely cheesy, but isn't it still kinda great?

Thanks so much to Casey for allowing me share a post on her blog! It's been wonderful. Have a great day readers, and remember: don’t walk into boys bathrooms. Unless you are a boy. Then it’s totally okay.
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