Monday, September 12, 2011

Hey, Baby, What's Your Name?

A while back, I explained why I chose to use nicknames here on this little 'ole blog, and promised a little series on how everyone got their nicknames!  Well, lucky you, that series starts today!

Let's start with the most immediate of family:


I don't think I really have to explain this one (see above photo).  Also, I think handsome is a seriously underused word, and love to use it to refer to my handsome hubster!

Hat Daddy and I dancing on my wedding day

This might not be the most applicable photo to coordinate with his nickname, but I just love this picture of Hat Daddy-o.  The nickname actually came about a few years ago from one of my sister's friends, who referred to him as Hat Dad because he almost always is wearing a baseball hat.  In fact, when I was younger, I would be startled when he wasn't wearing a hat - almost like I didn't recognize him!

Gardening Mom with her beauty queen wave

Gardening Mom loves to garden.  Like, sometimes she goes into work late to get some gardening hours in (obsessed).  This is a new hobby for GM, as she just started getting interested in gardening the past few years or so.  She just looks so cute out in her crocks and overalls on the weekends pulling weeds and planting succulents!

Sister Singer

Sister Singer is about to go into her fourth year of high school choir, and girl is good!  She loves to sing, and sometimes likes to do impromptu concerts for us during dinner.  She has such courage to put herself out there like that, and I absolutely love watching her perform.

Sister Swimmer

Sister Swimmer is on the varsity water polo and swimming team at her high school.  She is like a freaking fish, and during season, spends hours in the high school pool.  Her entire team (obviously her included) look like freaking surf magazine models with their perfect tans and lean bodies!  But I'm not all...nope, not me.

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