Sunday, November 20, 2011

Grateful Sundays

This week, I'm grateful for our jobs.

As the holidays approach, the people without jobs, homes, or much or anything start becoming more prevalent, and more heartbreaking.  For me, not only does it make me feel for these people, but it inspires me to be grateful for what my husband and I have that we so often take for granted.

We both have great jobs, that we actually enjoy doing!  Not everyone can say that, and it is something to thank God for, and give ourselves a pat on the back for too.  It's not easy to get a job in the world we live in today, and I am proud of us for landing the ones we have.

What do we do, you ask?


Handsome Husband works in Lease Administration for a company to owns and operates shopping centers.  He does a lot of tenant relations, as well as abstracting, or "summarizing" the leases.  His job rocks because they have events at shopping centers (what kind of wife wouldn't like that?). 

I am a pediatric LVN working for a big organization in my area that has multiple hospitals and clinics.  I am the Clinic Supervisor at my clinic, and while I don't get to do too many nursing procedures, I get the help my patients and their families get the care they need.  I also am loving all the fun little things I can do to my little clinic!

While we may complain sometimes, I am reminded to be grateful for what we have, especially when so many others would switch with us in a heartbeat.


Lil' Woman said...

So true.
Though I don't like my job from time to time, I am glad I have one and am able to have a very blessed life.

Eschelle said...

It is always important to look at the little things to be thankful for. The holidays are hard times for some people.

Katie said...

Thanks for posting this. Even when my job or my husband's job is draining and exhausting and less than stellar, we always try to take a step back and remind ourselves how grateful we really are. Thanks for the reminder!

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