Friday, November 25, 2011

I Have a Potty Mouth

It's true.
I curse like a sailor.

It's not a rebellion thing - my parents have never cared.  It's certainly not a thing to make me sound cool - I know I'm cool.  I don't really know where it even came from (probably Hat Dad - is cursing genetic?).

Up until recently, I never really cared.
My MO was always kind of, 
If you're going to judge me by what curse words come out of my mouth,
you don't deserve to know the sweet girl behind this potty mouth.

But that all changed recently.
Due to someone in my current science class we will call...

Pink Lab Coat Girl.

Pink Lab Coat Girl (PLC Girlie?) puts any sailor-mouthed shit stuff I thought I had going on to shame.  She literally curses so much she'd be a freakin' musical on a cable TV show with all the bleeps she would require.

Recently I accidentally sat in front of her during class.  It is was like sitting near two teenage boys.  F-bombs were flying like it was a curse war.  It was bad.  

And then it hit me.
Is that what I sound like?

Obviously no judgement, but it sounded rash, trashy, and just rough on the ears.  After that fateful curse-ridden day in class, I have decided to make a much bigger effort to clean up this potty mouth.  I had actually already improved quite a bit due to the whole working with kids thing.  But now, every time I blurt out a dirty word, PLC Girlie flashes before my eyes and I cringe a little.

Real Life Friends, feel free to call me out on this one.  Seriously thinking this could be a big improvement for this potty-mouthed girl.

Oh, and if you're reading this PLC Girlie?  Sorry, but the truth hurts.  Also you're kind of a biatch.  See - improvement already!  Biatch doesn't count as a curse word, right?  


Lil' Woman said...

I curse here and there but then I see teenagers cursing and I'm like 'Shut your dirty little mouths' :)

Jamie said...

I have a potty mouth too. I cant help it. The f's and f'ing s*&'s just fly out. Now that my daughter repeats them, it might be time to stop ;)

Shellsea said...

Yes, it does count! I've never noticed you to curse when speaking, but I notice it in your writing. But, it's funny and adds to your style! I don't curse at all, never have and I like it for me. :)

theresa nguyen said...

PLC girlie is also insane!!!!! She doesnt deserve to wear a pink coat, pink represents sweet and humble.. totally not her!!

p.s. i love your funny posts!!

Kim {Yep, they are all mine} said...

Hahaha!! Oh, I have a terrible potty mouth, too....

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