Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Support System

Thanks for the sweet comments on my post about my Handsome Husband kicking the LSAT's butt!

It was the lovely support I got from that post that inspired this post you're reading now.  It simply reminded me how lucky we are.

Handsome Hubs and I have a huge support system - like overflowing.  (Seriously - we are so lucky.) 

We have my family - Hat Dad, Gardening Mom, Sister Swimmer and Sister Singer (and our lil pets too!).  My parents have been so insanely supportive to us (um, and me for like, my whole life) over the years, and especially this last one that they practically need another word - supportive doesn't do it justice.  They opened their home to us when they could have been rejoicing about finally having married off one of their three daughters.  They put food on the table for us (and feeding HH ain't easy), didn't ask for one cent of rent or help with bills, which has made it possible for us to pay off thousands of dollars of debt (DON'T EVER USE CREDIT CARDS), and save money during this past year.  They are always there to lend an ear to listen or a shoulder to cry on (Handsome Hubs is such a crybaby), and offer advice, but they have let me grow into the woman I am today - ready and able to make my own decisions, albeit wanting their input.

Handsome Husband's family.  HH's mom, Mother-in-Law Red is always there to talk to us when we need to vent, or want advice.  She also is insanely generous - she always does nice things for us, and I don't think she gets nearly enough thank yous!  Handsome Husband's grandparents are an unyielding pillar of support for us.  They are always there for us in any possible way they can be.  No matter what comes our way, they are always right there offering valued advice, kind words of encouragement, and endless love.  HH has a wonderful extended family (as do I, but his is local!) that is supportive as well - always excited for our good news, and encouraging us as take on our problems.

We also have some amazing friends.  Our oldest friends, from high school - even junior high school - who have grown up with us instead of grown apart - who knew us as seperate entities before we became HHandStressCase instead of HH and Stress Case.  Our oldest friends who undoutably know our biggest flaws, our most unflattering characteristics, and have witnessed some of our worst mistakes - but don't judge us for them, instead they simply ask us how they can help clean up the messes we've made in our lives.  Friends we've picked up through other facets of our lives - Cute Apartment from our diner waitressing days, Nurse Vegas from my very first medical job, and everyone else who has come into our lives when it seems God knew we needed them most.  Our San Diego friends - those from HH's alma mater and those whom I met in nursing school, who supported us through school and while I went half-crazy planning a wedding while in nursing school. 

We are so lucky to have so many wonderful people supporting us in this ever-changing time of our lives.  Sometimes being busy every single weekend due to this family event, or this friend's birthday, or this that and the other can become exhausting, but then I realize how silly of a thing that is to complain about.  How can you complain about having too many people that love us enough to include us in their lives or there being too much to celebrate with get togethers and parties and dinners?  You really can't - we really are just so so so lucky.  (I know I said it like a bajillion times in this post - but can't help it, it's true!  Try not to be too jealous!)

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Kathy S said...

Sounds like you have an amazing family!

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