Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Hey, Baby, What's Your Name? Part Dos!

Read Part 1 of this series HERE.

This time, I am proud to introduce you to (and explain the nicknames of) my very Handsome Husband's family!

While he has a lot of close-by extended family, here is just a small sampling of those mentioned here on the 'ole blog:

Mother-in-Law Red

I actually had to use an older photo of MIL Red for this post, because she has completely gone against her nickname and is new a cutie brunette (which I can't hate on you know - brunettes4lyfe!).  However, her nickname originated (obvi) from her pretty hair color, and also her fiesty redhead personality.  MIL Red will say what she's thinking, when she's thinking it, and that is something I can support!

Grandma Beach Bum loves all things beachy - decor, scents, and the beach itself!  She also used to own a little shop to sell all sorts of fun items that had a little something to do with her nickname here on the blog.  (The shop's name was The Beach Bum!)

Cousin Ronomon, Tutor Girl, and Lil C

Cousin Ronomon is one of Handome Husband's closest cousins - Ronomon stems from his real-life nickname (crazy!).  Tutor Girl is CR's awesome wife, who overtime has become a wonderful friend of mine (so glad we married cousins and got to meet each other!), who is a former elementary school teacher, a tutor, and currently runs her own in-home child care center!  Lil C is my main man, and their adorable son.

Cousin Teeny Girl

Cousin Teeny Girl is the daughter of HH's oldest cousin, and she is so adorably small!  She is 3 years old (okay, 3 and a half) and can share clothes with Lil C (who is only 16 months!).

Cousin Halloween

Cousin Halloween is Teeny Girl's older brother, and was born on Halloween!  I think it must be pretty sweet to have a birthday where even strangers celebrate by giving you candy!  (Or water bottles, which is something Sister Swimmer brought home from trick-or-treating this year.)

Brother AG

Handsome Husband's (half - but we don't care about details here!) Brother, Brother AG, has a little passion for music, and AG is one of his musical monikers. 


Lil' Woman said...

I've been wondering how alot of these guys got their nicknames :)

Liz Taylor said...

brother AG is a hottttttttttttttie!

Eschelle said...

MIL has divine curls! JEALOUS!

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