Thursday, November 10, 2011

Things Thursday: Things That Will Be in My Dream Home

1. A double shower.

2. A warming oven drawer, double ovens, and a wine fridge.

Source: via Casey on Pinterest

3. An amazing outdoor space.

4. A window seat...with a chandelier hanging above it. Perfect nap spot.

Source: via Casey on Pinterest

5. A wine know, for the wine that doesn't fit in the wine fridge.

Source: via Casey on Pinterest

6. Sparkly wall tiles in a bathroom.

7. Beautiful wood stairs.

8. A super cool hidden walk-in pantry!

9. GLITTERY FLOORS. 'Nuff said.

10. These amazing swing couches on a beautiful wrap-around porch.


Megg said...

A double shower, wow!! I'd just settle for two sinks! (We had that in our townhouse but not in our house and I miss it some days!)
And I'd looooove a porch swing and a window seat! Excellent dreams! :)

Kate said...

Lets just build two dream houses right next to each other. That way we can sit in our own couch swings on our wrap around porches and wave to eachother from across our perfectly landscaped yards!

Lil' Woman said...

A double sink is a must in me and Big Man's dream job...seriously the kid hates hot showers, which I on the other hand love.

Kathy S said...

I agree with all those things, especially the double shower.

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